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German fiber optic operators solidarity with Huawei, ZTE

German fiber optic operator publicly voiced support Huawei and ZTE. German "Der Spiegel" reported that the German all mainstream Telecom operators are in cooperation with this two technology companies. These operators are showing confidence with the business cooperation of Huawei and ZTE.Deutsche Telekom uses Huawei and ZTE "different components of the fixed-line and mobile network".Many industry insiders believe that, Europe and the United States support of the telecom operators will help Huawei and other companies to break political hinder from some countries in Europe and the United States and further march into the European and American markets.

In fact, with Huawei represented Chinese enterprises have gradually standing "at the forefront" of the world's communications industry, the international market can not refuse communications products and technologies from China . According to publicly available data, Huawei has been serving the world's top 45 telecom operators which totally is 50.In the past year, Huawei in carrier networks operating income has reached 150.145 billion yuan, an increase of 3%. ZTE currently also provide technical and product solutions for telecom operators in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide.

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Which binding does U.S. reports has?

Why U.S. and European companies to ignore the U.S. Congress report,continue to purchase Huawei, ZTE devices ?

U.S. Congress report attempts to completely ban the two companies in the telecommunications equipment market, including recommendations to prohibit ZTE

Huawei related merger acquisition or merger activities, the United States department of national systems should not sign a cooperation contract with Huawei or ZTE,sensitive departments should avoid signing a contract with Huawei, ZTE, suggested that the U.S. network provider or system developers to seek additional supply manufacturers.

ZTE fiber optic spokesman Zhang Shu thinks the report of the U.S. Congress is to make some suggestions to the country, and it is has no interested direct impact on the U.S.buyers.