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Can Cisco Too Big to Fail?

Face cloud computing and mobile Internet era, Cisco seems totally not ready. So, now Cisco is experiencing worse situation than in 2001, because the wound disaster affected the entire IT industry, Cisco itself was not much at fault, more essential is that the Internet is still vibrant after squeezing out the bubble, which can once again make Cisco surfaced. However, the present situation is technology update iteration,Cisco did not identify its direction.

Chambers still busy layoffs at the end of 2011, H3C has come up with a high-end router products for the cloud computing era launched the 100G platform for next- generation core router, not only fully meet user needs now and in the future, more support is available to cloud counted rich service features, to achieve the smooth transfer of the cloud within and among the clouds burst data traffic, meaning to snatch the high-end enterprise
fiber optic industry network market which Cisco dominated. In the domestic market, H3C has a firm foothold, the next-generation data center solution has been put into applications by Sina, Baidu,Tencent, Taobao and other Internet- party.
Even more noteworthy is that the network equipment market already different from the past, along with many Chinese manufacture such as Huawei, ZTE combatants,network equipment market has gradually become a cost-effective market competition, in this regard, Cisco does not dominate.
In Mobile Internet such as
fiber optic transceivers Cisco perhaps can make in more effort system equipment, however, has not yet seen Cisco's big move, but is competitors' one step ahead from China.
Faced with the changes of the times, Cisco is aware of their "product weight", and thus has taken a series of measures, but whether difficult to return or re-board to the top again, this may not can be solved rely on layoffs , cloud computing or mobile Internet,Cisco should be given their own future development direction.