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2012 Ethernet Optical Module Market Review

2012 Ethernet Optical Module Market Review. In 2012, the sale income of Ethernet fiber optic module is more than one billion, increasing by 20%, slightly higher than the forecast. And the growth is mainly from the 40G fiber optic transceiver and the 10G fiber optic module. These two types of product sales revenue more than doubled in 2012. 
Due to the data centers still have a strong demand for 10G module, the sales revenue of 10G optic module still occupies more than half in the Ethernet optical module market.
Since the shipment of the Intel Romley server in early 2012, the connecting conversion from 1G to 10G between the servers and the top of rack switches is accelerating.
In addition to the 10GBASE-T (the power is too large), the direct copper cable is still widely used in the short-distance interconnection. However, as an alternative, the 10G SFP+ modules and the active cables provide longer transmission distance.
If you are planning to purchase the 10G SFP+ modules and the active cable for long-distance application, please feel free to contact us.
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