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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

The main ways of fiber optic connection

Fiber optic connectors is the fiber of the two end precision docking, so that the emission of the optical output light energy to maximize the coupling to the receiving fiber, and its involvement in the optical link which minimize the impact on the system and becomes the basic requirements for fiber optic connectors. To some extent, fiber optic connectors also affect the reliability and the performance of optical transmission systems.

(1) Fixed connection. Mainly used in permanent connection between the fiber optic cable line, welding, adhesive and mechanical connection are often used.
(2) Active connection. Mainly used in the connection between the optical fiber transmission system equipment and instrumentation, mainly adopt the optical connector plug connection.
(3) Temporary connection. Measurement between the pigtail and the measured fiber coupling, this method is commonly used to connect.