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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

6G/8.5G/10G SFP, compatibility, brands, application, quotes

The common SFP+ transceiver in the market includes the 10G SR, 10G LR, 10G ER, 10G ZR and 10G LRM. However, this does mean all the SFP+ transceivers are 10G data rate.


For example, we not only supply the 10G SFP+ transceivers, but also the 6G SFP+ transceivers and 8.5G SFP+ transceivers. Of course, we will guarantee their compatibility for Cisco, HUAWEI, Finisar, Juniper and other brands’ equipment. These different data rate SFP+ transceivers are suitable for the base stations, 6G/8.5G routers, 6G/8.5G switches and firewall.


Just to browse and purchase our compatible 6G/8.5G/10G SFP+ transceiver now. To obtain the newest quotes, please consult our customer services online.