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Brands-Compatible SFP+ Transceiver Module
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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

10G SR SFP+ transceiver, Cisco, transmission distance


On the label of the fiber optic transceiver, we often see the “SR”, “LR”, “ER” and “ZR” and so on. What do they mean? Here, we just introduce the “SR”.


The “SR” means the “short-reach” that it is generally the 300 meters. Therefore, the Cisco compatible 10G SR SFP+ transceiver supports 300 meters transmission maximum. Since the transmission distance of 10G SR SFP+ transceiver is less than other long-distance transceiver, the Cisco compatible 10G SR SFP+ transceiver is suitable for many short-distance application, such as the short-distance application from the data center to campus, subway and so on. 


The 300 meters 10G SR SFP+ transceiver is also used with other matching fiber optic products, such as LC fiber optic patch cords, PCI-E network cards and so on. For more, please visit our website.