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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Cisco compatible 10G X2 transceiver Manufacture, Sell

We manufacture and sell the Cisco compatible 10G X2 transceivers and other products.
We manufacture and sell the Cisco compatible 10G X2 transceivers, and we ensure the best delivery time available. To request a quote, simply contact our online customer services, or call us at 86-755-36946668 for assistance.
If you should have technical questions about your 10G X2 transceivers or any other product, we provide installation and configuration support from our expert technicians at no additional charge.
If you also want to purchase other related products, such as, fiber optic patch cords, fiber media converters, PCI-E cards and so on, please let us know. Our sale-staff may provide you a discount. For detail information, please contact our online customer services.