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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Some FAQ for buying sopto fiber media converter

About the price of media converter, why there is a big difference from other suppliers?

Re: Talking about media converter, here is the thing, the key value of one media converter are: PCB Board, the fiber transceiver and the chipset.  For Sopto, we choose brand new material for each one of our product. In the market, there do have some suppliers offer low prices,  but they use second hand material, so the quality is their biggest issue. What’s more, we Sopto provides 1 year warranty period.


If is possible to type my Logo on your media converter?

Re: Yes, Sopto provides OEM service and we will not add any prices except the label fees. There are two kinds of methods to code your Logo on media converter, the first is integrating your logo with the cage, the second is making label and affix it one the cage. For first type, the cost will be higher, because all of our cage are made by mental factory, usually they have a MOQ, for second type, we only collect label fees.