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Bare Fiber Optic Adaptor

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Product Example:

  1. Connector Type: ST bare fiber optical adaptor

  2. Manufacturer: SOPTO

  3. Fiber type: SM/MM, Simplex/Duplex

  4. End Face Type: APC/PC/UPC

  5. Insertion loss: ≤0.20dB

  6. Return loss: < 0.10dB

  7. Plug times: >1000times

  8. Exchangeability: ≤0.20dB

  9. Tensile strength: 200~600G

  10. Sleeve material: Zirconia, other

  11. Storage Temperature: -40~+85°C

  12. Operating Temperature: -25~+85°C

  13. Storage Humidity: 95%RH (Non-Packaging)

  14. Wiring Devices:  Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

  15. Packing: Blister Box Packing

  16. Standard: ROHS

Performance Feature:

  1. Easy to operate

  2. Lightest weight and very compact size

  3. Specially designed mechanism minimizes insertion loss

  4. Highest repeatability

  5. User friendly -- easy to insert, remove and reload fiber

  6. Various receptacle type

  7. Insertion Loss: ≤1dB

  8. Repeatability: ≤0.2dB

  9. Low insertion loss

  10. Excellent repeatability and changeability

  11. Stabilize the credibility

  12. Suitable for fiber with coating diameter of 250um and 900um optical fibers with hole

  13. diameter between 125 to 127um can be used

  14. Save time and cost

Note: Part in order to prevail in kind. Please contact customer service before buying.


Bare Fiber Optic Adaptor Description


Bare Fiber Adapter allows users to make fast connection of the bare fiber and the fiber optic equipment, bare fiber adaptors can be used in some emergency situation for urgent connection. On one side of the bare fiber adapter is optical fiber and on the other side is the optical connector used to connect equipment. Bare Fiber adapters are used as a quick and easy means to temporarily terminate cable to enable testing to be carried out. This is particularly useful for checking installed cable prior to terminating. SOPTO supply SC, FC, LC and ST bare fiber adapters, they are used to quickly and easily terminate the fiber to the equipment.


Applications of Bare Fiber Optic Adaptor

  1. For fast and temporary fiber optic connections in communication system

  2. Fiber optic measurement in laboratory

  3. Production line of fiber optic devices

  4. Temporarily connactorizes bare fiber

  5. Testing bare fiber, fiber on the reel, fiber before and after installation

  6. Temporary connections to OTDRs, Power Meters, Talk sets, Demo Equipment and Dark Fiber

  7. Other maintenance, restoration and installation jobs

  8. Telecommunications system

  9. Fiber date system

  10. OTDR acceptance testing

  11. Power meter hookups

  12. Approximate losses/continuity testing

  13. Talk set connections


SC bare fiber optical adaptor
FC bare fiber optical adaptor
ST bare fiber optical adaptor


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