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Is Moore's Law the guidelines of 10G EPON Commercial all the way?

To preliminary statistics, the existing deployed 10G EPON equipment is over 250,000 lines. After a two-year maturity, 10G EPON has finally embarked on the commercial road.
Technology development cycle usually lies certain rules,from the preparation period to the technology gradually being recognized, often takes 3-4 years, and then it usually takes 3 years or so from the technology becomes a hot to industry chain becomes mature,and gradually realizes large-scale commercial. Seeing DSL, EPON,
GPON development are in compliance with this law, then how is the 10G EPON?
From 1G to 10G EPON confirms Moore's Law.
In 1965, Dr. Gordon Moore proposed "the integration of the integrated circuit will be doubling every two years, "known as Moore's Law, later this cycle shortened to one and a half years,i.e the T product performance every 18 months will turn doubled. This law is in compliance with EPON, if we define the device standards promulgating as a technology matures, June 2004, IEEE revealed EPON standard of 802.3ah; September 2009, IEEE gave 10G EPON 802.3av standards. To rough statistics, the devices experienced 63 months, a tenfold increase in equipment performance, and it right in line with Moore's Law.
EPON network
The development of equipment performance meets Moore's Law,how the whole network ? 2009 authoritative statistics, the average broadband rate of Internet users in China is 1.744M; October, 2010, the data rose to 2.94M. If only these two data analysis,Chinaese network enhancing speed falls behind Moore's Law. In fact,as of September 2010,the total number of fixed-line broadband users in China reached 120 million,a net increase of about 20 million compared to the end of 2009. Taking into account the increase in users number, the network performance enhancing rate meets Moore's law. Moreover, the basic construction of the PON is concentrated in urban areas FTTx projects, if you only consider this part of users, the network performance improvements beyond Moore's Law.
If demand and technology promote the development of communication, then upgrade from EPON to 10G EPON will meet or even go beyond Moore's Law. In August 2007, China Telecom launched the first EPON acquisition, then in accordance with Moore's Law, scale upgrade from EPON to 10G EPON is on the corner.