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What is FCC certification?

FCC is the abbreviation for the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC is responsible for rating personal computers and other equipment as either Class A or Class B. The ratings indicate how much radiation a personal computer emits: this rating process is often referred to as "certification." Almost all personal computers satisfy Class A requirements, which mean they are suitable for office use. Class B machines, which are suitable for anywhere, including the home, must pass more stringent tests. Class B indicates that the machine’s radio frequency (RF) emissions are so low that they do not interfere with other devices such as radios and TVs.


The FCC should rate computer components and systems before they are released for sale. The rating process is usually the responsibility of the manufacturer. For instance, before AOpen releases a new PC system for sale, the entire system is submitted to the FCC for rating. FCC rating (Class A or Class B) should be listed on the specification sheet or box of each product a manufacturer sells. Many customers, especially large corporate customers, will only accept FCC rated systems.


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