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What is the difference between UPC and APC fiber optic connector

By definition, the above are acronyms for the following: UPC Ultra Physical Contact APC Angled Physical Contact The typical reason for the APC connector is a lower lightwave reflectance. Nominal specification is as follows: -50 dB for UPC connectors vs -60 dB for APC connectors. This makes APC cables ideal for system components that are light-sensitive. The design of an APC connector results in less insertion loss (0.2 dB) at the interface. PC, UPC and APC fiber optic patch cable assemblies: Usually we hear about descriptions like "LC/UPC multi-mode duplex fiber optic patch cord 3 meters", or "FC/APC single mode fiber optic pigtails", "ST/PC multi-mode duplex fiber optic jumper". What do these words PC, UPC, APC mean? Here we give explanations. As we know, fiber optic cable assemblies are mainly with connectors and cables, so the fiber cable assembly names is related to the connector names, we call it LC fiber patch cord, because it is with LC fiber connector, here the words PC, UPC, APC also are related only to the fiber optic connectors and has nothing to do with fiber optic cables. For more information and inquiries, please feel free to send an email to PC, UPC, APC of Fiber Optic Patch Cords.