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China Telecom will stop building the EPON the OLT: FTTH and FTTB

August 12 evening news on the recently held "2012 International Optical Fiber Communication Forum", CST Wei Leping, China Telecom talked about for the future development trend of optical network technology, and demonstrated the backbone network, metro and access network respectively.
In the access network level, Wei Leping accordance with internationally accepted algorithm to calculate the 30% actual and thin cover, FTTH investment has been quite FTTB. "Which accounted for 40% of active devices, artificial accessories accounted for 35%, and the passive equipment accounted for 25%; 2012 low-density user cost is about $ 180 / household, high-density user area is about $ 160 / household."
In his view, FTTH will become the dominant access mode, because FTTH has a high bandwidth 100M +, long life, and to avoid secondary transformation of the cost, maintenance, low cost, easy power supply, the lowest power consumption characteristics. "Our development strategy in urban areas, mainly based on GPON and FTTH; for high user density and the actual rate, the bandwidth requirements of greater mobility scene such as campuses, villages and other significant costs of EPON-based FTTB advantages and lower investment risk."said Wei Leping.
The FTTH is not a simple two or three years of work, is two or three decades of work. Many places that get of FTTH, I think too simple, three years get it working, and now all over the world FTTH construction down the only high-speed development of China. "said Wei Leping, “until 2015, China Telecom's 30 million FTTH subscribers will be more reliable." Wei Leping, also mentioned that South Korea ranked first in the world market in his speech, he believes a lot of practice in the South Korean operators are not out of economic considerations, but from the political point of view.