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Fujitsu assists the Japanese successfully tested the 100G DWDM c

June 27, 2012 - Recently, Fujitsu announced the success of 100 Gbps DWDM (intensive light wave multiplexing) transmission test carried out in collaboration with the NTT Communications Corporation.

In March to May this year, The two agencies operate the above experiments at Meihan commercial networks (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka) which has the maximum scale of telecommunication, with the whole long distance about 710Km in Japan. The use of named digital coherent transmission generation of optical transmission technology, and finally confirmed on the 100GbE lines erected between in East Meihan WAN, every ray of light can carry a 100Gbps data transmission amount.

In addition, because the experimental objectives include import 100Gbps DWDM national backbone network, the two agencies impose special optical transmission design for the experimental fiber to maximize the optical signal-to-noise ratio (Signal to the Noise Ratio SNR), and inhibition of the various parts of Japan backbone network transmission line may be the effect of waveform degradation caused by the fiber, to avoid adverse effects on the signal transmission quality.

Experimental verification in the state take into account the durability and stability of the transmission, the light waves can increase up to 100Gbps × 80 DWDM, which also represents the highest light of Japan's national backbone network traffic is expected to upgrade the existing five times, reaching 8Tbps.

With the rise of dissemination of cloud services and use of advanced wireless communications, smart phones, coupled with the increase in the capacity of access lines, communication flows is experiencing explosive growth. At the same time, by last year's Japanese earthquake, network building is not only to focus on improving core network capacity, but reliability and disaster recovery capabilities is also of concern.