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Analysis of "Triple play" current situation and development tren

Mobile communications and the Internet is the major communication carriers, a new round of innovation of communications will revolve around the development and integration of mobile communications and Internet commence.

The "triple play" already the mainstream of development of countries around the world, there is a huge difference between telecommunications and broadcasting in the access network foundation. These access networks are facing the rapid development of the Internet are facing a huge challenge, while the charging mode of the Internet blow the enthusiasm of the operators network. According to statistics, IP traffic has accounted for 99% of the entire network, but the corresponding proportion of the income was meager.

"Triple play" refers to the telecommunications network, radio and television networks, and the Internet in the process of network evolution to the future, as the advance of digital source and IP-based networks, the technology architecture and business scope of the three major networks converge, and provide both communication services including voice, data, images and other multimedia. "Triple play" the three major networks, shift from independent professional networks to integrated networks, network performance can be improved, and the level of resource utilization is further improved.

"Triple play" does not mean that the physical integration of the three major networks of the Internet, broadcast network, telecommunication network, from a broader sense refers to the integration of three networks business. The Internet has opened the triple play, the core nature is the integration of telecommunications and broadcast media, that is telecommunications networks, integrated with media features, broadcast, converged communications capabilities, which means broad full-service operation for operating companies.

"Triple play" project require a lot of fiber optic equipment such as transceivers and pci-e cards.