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Fiber Splitter Box


SOPTO Fiber Splitter Box (FSB) enables customers to accelerate their FTTX deployments more effectively and is an ideal solution when deploying FTTX networks in nonresidential Multiple Tenant Unit (MTU) and residential Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications. These wall boxes provide a small footprint for splitting, splicing and terminating and are environmentally rated for indoor or outdoor use. Available in three sizes, each box is equipped with a 12-fiber splice tray allowing for an input splicing option. 

FSB’s accept standard plug and play (PNP) splitters (same as in the Fiber Distribution) and splitters can be easily added after the wall box has been installed. FSB’s accommodate 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 and 1x32 splitters; up to 72 fibers. FSB’s offer increased efficiency within distinct FTTX network applications. Featuring a compact solution for wall mounting, these boxes provide a significant space savings while maintaining hand access to connectors. 

The unique swing frame design also allows for easy access to the back section of the wall box. For use in MTU’s, as well as garden style, mid-rise and high-rise MDU buildings, FSB’s allow for a de-centralized MDU-ONT (Optical Network Termination) architecture and offer an economical solution for MTU/MDU applications where a larger sized FDH is not economical, i.e. strip malls and rural areas.


  • The high strength plastic, anti-ultraviolet radiation

  • Indoor and outdoor wall mount or pole mount


  • Optical LAN & WAN & CATV 

  • FTTH project & FTTX Deployments 

  • Broadband High-bit rate data transmission 

  • Active device terminations 

  • Testing instruments 

  • Optical fiber communication networks 

  • PON Networks 

  • Optical Signal Distribution 

Competitive Advantage:

  1. Professional design, good performance for fiber management, connectivity, and distribution

  2. Empty or fully loaded enclosures available

  3. Fast delivery time, quick response to customers’ needs

  4. OEM products available